Friday, October 29, 2004

George Bush's Faith

This is a link to a video which explores the Christian faith of George W. Bush. It amazes me how the left can be so mocking of something which has made him a better person. I watched Phil Donohue on "Hannity & Colmes" and he referenced GWB's religious faith. He said GWB talks to God and thinks he talks back, like he is some kind of loon. Never mind the fact that Donohue's eyes were almost popping out of his head as he was talking about the Iraq war!

I am exicted to have tickets to see George W. Bush on Sunday as he makes a campaign stop here in Tampa. Tampa definitely is a swing city. I think where I work we are pretty evenly divided among the two parties. Obviously some people (like me) are more outspoken than others about their opinions.

I look forward to Tuesday and this election being over. I think it is stressful for all who really care a lot about it. I just hope that we as a country have the good sense to re-elect GWB and show the world that we won't back down and we will not be intimidated by terrorists. Once they sense your weakness, then you are all the more vulnerable.