Thursday, October 28, 2004

Swift Boat Veterans

The Tampa Tribune wrote a hit piece on the Swift Boat veterans today. The piece begins with the fact that the group has made an ad buy of $3.2 million here in Florida. Well, most Republicans know that the Swift Boat veterans make Democrats go loony (Lawrence O'Donnell). So the article starts with the usual... that all the accusations have been debunked. Then it goes on to talk about how they are financed by close associates of Karl Rove and called a "shill for the Bush campaign." This article even defends "Christmas in Cambodia" by saying that John Kerry's patrol boat went within yards of the border, but not actually into Cambodia. Guess the author forgot about the small fact that Kerry talked about Nixon sending troops there WHEN NIXON WASN'T EVEN PRESIDENT!! Anyway, the way I deal with my frustration is that every time the media attacks the Swift Boat veterans, I go to their web site and give them money. It makes me feel so much better! Anyone else who would like to try this therapy, their web site is