Saturday, November 27, 2004

The New York Times

I was reading my paper this morning and the article was about the delay of the Iraqi election. I read a few sentences and it was all gloom and doom. I went back to see where the article originated and to my amazement, it was picked up from the New York Times. I stopped reading and thought to myself, why would I read anything written by that biased organization? To me, they have about as much credibility as CBS. I only get the paper on weekends now (for the coupons). It makes me sad because the Tampa Tribune used to be a pretty balanced paper. They got a new editorial staff and veered way left! It would be interesting to see if their readership has dropped. Before, the St. Pete Times was the liberal paper and the Trib was more conservative. So now a lot of the conservatives have been complaining. If you want a liberal paper, you now have the choice and the conservatives will have to get their news elsewhere.

Update: The Trib says their circulation is increasing. Guess somebody must enjoy reading them.