Saturday, November 13, 2004

Scott Peterson Verdict

I thought I would just give my two cents on the verdict. I am one of the unusual conservatives who was never convinced that OJ Simpson was guilty. I could not find a piece of evidence that convinced me beyond a reasonable doubt. I am convinced that Peterson is guilty. I am not sure exactly how he did it though. The two pieces of evidence that I can't get past are the fact that he was at the scene where the bodies washed up and his attitude. The scene was far from his home. If it was a lake around the corner and the bodies washed up, that might be a coincidence. The odds in my opinion that it is a coincidence or that "homeless people" drove the body that far away just doesn't make sense to me. As far as Scott's attitude, he showed absolutely no concern that his wife was missing. He was out having the time of his life with his new girlfriend. How someone could act this way when their wife and child have disappeared is just foreign to me. I think he is a person that does not have a conscience. I guess the only puzzling thing to me is that someone as loved as Laci seems to have been could have married such a cad!