Sunday, January 02, 2005

Washington Election

Yesterday we noted the new (orange) website Here's an explanatory note from Sharon Gilpin, whose political consulting firm the Gilpin Group is behind the site: I have been called a streetfighter by the LA Times - and this is a streetfight. Feel free to check out our site. We put this up with OUR OWN DOUGH. We are soliciting donations - yes. Nobody is behind it in that sense of the word. The entire situation offends our sense of democracy....and we think this is the solution. In the interest of disclosure - we did have a contract for 3 weeks with the Rossi Transition Team to plan communications strategy [first 100 days stuff]. But that was a couple of weeks ago. I reserved the URL on Christmas Day because I was deeply troubled that some in leadership would rather see this election 'go away'. In the 80's here we had statesmen - like Mr. Evans ,who, although he was appointed to the US Senate seat agreed to put the seat up for election. See his statement on the website [here].We did the TV media and earned media strategy against the football stadium [here] as well as have run many issue campaigns here and in California. Have worked for D candidates - most of our initiative and referenda work is for committees who run the gamut of party id. Feel free to ask away. I've invited anybody who does anything on the election to feel free to publicize the website - the more the merrier in my opinion. But we will be filing our own PDC disclosure statement in 30 days according to law.Those who support a revote should like Those who don't probably won't.

UPDATE: My favorite line from Dan Evans endorsement of a revote: Democracy may be messy, but its principles are why it still serves us best. If we screw up the implementation, let’s go back to the principles. The voters’ will is paramount. We must believe our elections are legitimate. read the whole thing and then sign the petition