Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Culture of Life

"As the scourge of abortion continued to replicate and the world sped downward ever faster into euthanasia -- killing unwanted, inconvenient human beings -- John Paul II coined the phrase that summed up the crisis best. The world's next great moral battle was the battle for life. The world was now confronted with a choice: a choice between aCulture of Life and a Culture of Death. The acuteness of this battle came to the forefront in America over the last three weeks with the Terri Schiavo case. As Schiavo was forcibly starved, the only words that seemed to sum up the grisly spectacle were John Paul II's. No matter where I turned on my radio dial, I heard those words over and over:Culture of Death. I heard the phrase at least a half dozen times on the Focus on the Family radio broadcast on Schiavo's death, spoken almost exclusively by evangelicals. I heard it from secular programming amongst all the various syndicated talk-show hosts, just about all of which are not Catholic ... As Schiavo began to enter the point of no return, around March 30, the result of the removal of a feeding tube, John Paul II, affirming his dedication to life, had a feeding tube inserted. He nearly reached Divine Mercy Sunday, a feast day created when he canonized a little known, uneducated Polish nun in 2000. By barely outliving TerriSchiavo, he lived long enough to provide us with a stark contrast, and to remind us of the value of life." --Paul Kengor