Monday, November 19, 2007

Patriot Post for Thompson

“I don’t question the validity of praising Fred Thompson for being the first major candidate to present a feasible plan for fixing Social Security, but your seemingly unqualified support for him and belief that he should be the next Republican Party presidential nominee is, at best, confusing.” —Colorado Springs, Colorado

Editor’s Reply: “Unqualified support?” We give the highest ranking to Thompson because, as noted in our 2008 Presidential Candidate Profiles, when taking into account all the qualifications necessary for a successful presidency—record, experience, capability, character, qualifications and, of course, their ability to read and understand our Constitution as it was written, Thompson comes out on top. Do we agree with every thing he supports or does not support—no... nor is that true with any other candidate. In fact, if the only criterion was “constitutional constructionism” Ron Paul would come out on top. But Thompson stands head and shoulders above the other candidates when it comes to overall qualifications.